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How to Smile when facing a Reality about the Future?: You get CREATIVE, it gives you HOPE

I keep getting emails and adds about how the world will change after COVID-19. And I know, Millenials and Generation Z'ers have to take over and change things, otherwise it will get worse. So which direction should we take?

There is something we have been postponing for a long time that got us here in the first place. We have been giving a higher value to what makes us humans feel good than what makes us humans be good. So what do we need to do to be good?

For me the most important thing today is my relationship with the world around me and my family is a great part of that. My biggest concern lately has been how will my family survive the down economy expected to hit USA? How will their small business pay the rent, or how will they pay their mortgage? They work extremely hard and reducing cost to the bare minimum barely got the business through during the 2008 recession.

Something lit up after seeing a post titled "COVID-19 Business Pivot Challenge" by OpenIDEO. It made me think immediately about a little plot of land next to my parent's home.

It would be ideal if they could run their business right next to their home. Less exposure to risk in almost every way. It reduces their expenses, and gives them some leverage for a possible retirement. Can this work?

  • Help my family business downsize from a rental 4000 sqft shop located 12 miles away from their home to a neighboring lot of 2400 sqft that would be customized to meet the business needs and reduce the resources they spend.

Tackling this would mean I would take on long distance team project with my family. Our tasks are all new territory for us, but the idea makes me smile.

  • Negotiate with Riverside County to sell us the abandoned lot within in the next few months.

  • Help our neighbor who is interested in acquiring the land to achieve his goals successfully and get a win win on both sides.

  • Design a shop that maximizes every buildable square inch.

  • Get construction financing.

  • Get planning approval for a new building.

  • Get building permits.

  • Manage construction project and keep within budget.

I'm scared, but I see a little hope.

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