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What Matters is: We Are All in This Together

I know that the virus is creating a lot of fear in the world now and I want to share what we have been through here in China.

Here we have already started to see a little more normality but we are still isolated most of the time. My husband already started going to work in the office every 2 days and the others work from home. Some businesses have already started to open with certain restrictions. And the number of cases continues to drop day by day.

At first when they ordered the isolation of everyone it was very uncertain if it would be enough to prevent getting it, and fears of lack of food, money, etc. invaded everyone in different ways. Little by little people calmed down, when they saw that the stores remained open, and always well stocked.

What is necessary at home is food to cook, hygiene items, disinfectant, and medicines that you might be taking already. But don't freak out, you don't need to buy the entire store; just enough to last until the next trip. Here things never runout (only disinfectants) but it was limited how often you could go shopping (every two days), and only one person per family. Many chose to order everything online and avoid exposing themselves, which is much more effective. Have enough soap and alcohol to disinfect lenses, phones when you go to work if you have to. Disinfecting is used more by businesses open to the public or management of communal areas. But a bottle of Chlorine or antiseptic at home is a good idea to disinfect handles etc. We only had a half-liter bottle of antiseptic for over two months, and we didn't use more than a third (we did not go out most of the time except when we were allowed to return home in Beijing from our in-laws home city).

The most important thing is not to panic, and to focus more on preparing and having productive things to do if you find yourself at home for a long time. Of course , you also need to keep up to date with the progress of the matter in your area, but not too long to avoid anxiety. Choose your information and news sources carefully, there are always morbid programs or people who want to benefit from the attention. Worthwhile news will inform you how to protect yourself, how your city is being organized to improve results, and how one can be of help.

Here it was mandatory to wear a mask to go out on the street or leave your apartment because in China daily life requires the use of elevators, subways, etc. But masks are not so necessary if one remains isolated. In other words, if you are isolated at home, it is not necessary to buy as many masks. If you are going to be exposed to people around you every day for work, then you will use them daily and discard daily.

The elderly and people with diabetes and other chronic diseases must be very careful not to expose themselves at all.

If we allow the virus to spread non-stop, the number of people who will develop server symptoms will immediately overwhelm any health care system in the world. It will remove resources from other patients who have other diseases. What maybe worse is that people who recover from severe symptoms will have life long repercussions. So, a bad economy for some time is well worth ensuring more people have a chance to a normal life.

And finally, I repeat, having productive things to do is very important to feel good. Exercising at home is recommended to spread positive brain chemicals.

I tell you this because the only solution to this situation was to isolate her in China. There is no quick solution. Get ready and keep the family informed too. It is better to be together and it is also more efficient.

Lastly, focus on the good things in life. What comes has a solution, but only if we stay healthy and united.

Take good care of yourself.

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