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I do

Exploration and Understanding


Construction Drawings


Work samples of multiple projects I have worked on during my collaboration with multiple firms in California and Chicago. 

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Project Coordination & Managment

Team and Solo

Coordination and management of team efforts in single projects, multi-location projects, and nation wide locations. 

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Coming Soon in 2020

The modernization of China has removed the traditional street vendor from many cities like Beijing.  An unintended consequence is the removal of the liveliness of the street.  How can this be returned to the streets of China's city life without sanitation issues?

Coming Soon

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Construction Details

Coming Soon in 2020

Residential buildings in China have evolved from the typical brick village to the skyscraper.  But the learning curb for construction detailing is in its baby stages for mainstream architecture and construction.  Main issues observed are water damage, improper ventilation, safety, and craftsmanship in finishes in most residential and commercial buildings built in the last 20 years.

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ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in my parent's backyard.  Exploration of the best solution for mobility and small budgets.

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